Wheat Straw Cups

Ecofriendly Wheat Straw Cups are made of wheat straw fiber. Designed with silicone band for your grip, there cups promotes sustainability and your company!

  • Product Measurements: 100 (Dia.) x 110 mm (Height)
  • Feature: Silicone Lid and Band
  • Available Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Green
  • Used anytime and anywhere
  • Printed Customized brand/logo or design of your own
Sold By: Corporate Goshopia

Discover Wheat Straw Cups! Made from wheat straw materials, the cups are designed with a silicone lid and band, preventing the cup from slipping from your hand.

Convenient and practical cups, these promotional gifts from your brand can be used for traveling, outside activities (sports), etc.

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