Recycled Cotton Canvas Bags

Make your brand sustainable with the lightweight Recycled Cotton Canvas Bags.
Made from recycled cotton and canvas, the bag is made to last long for your’s brand’s client to use.

  • Cost Effective product
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Printed Customized brand/logo or design of your own
  • Product Measurements: 38 x 41.5cm
  • GSM: 330
  • Available Colors: Cream
  • Weight: 0.170 kg

Start the change with your brand with Recycled Cotton Canvas Bags.

An eco-friendly promotional item for your company and clients, this bag is purely made out of recycled cotton and canvas material. With this bag, you can easily carry your things with its strong, durable feature and comfortable strap.

A universal use as well as cost-effective for everyone.

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